I am You,
  and You are Me!
War is the opposite of civilization,
  the opposite of evolving mankind.
It's every countries duty,
  to reject war and promote love!
You can not be a cancer on yourself.
  You must find a way to advance.

        - Source Remix

          *--* Plotinus *--*

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  a small library of readings, writings and quotes.

   this zone still under developement.

"We live within a DNA STRAND.
    We are apart of a DNA STRAND.
       [ What DNA Strand is this? ]
            It is the One Source Creator."
        No matter your philosophy or religion-
    It is your duty to connect to Source.

"Release Your Fears- Do Not Hide,
        Learn to Connect to Source...

        You will be able to manifest anything,
            You will be able to communicate instantly,
                Everything will be Known-
                    On the New Earth."

    Your collective thoughts are creating the space you are in now-
                             but you are still blind.
                           It's all about frequency!

    You must clear the clutter from your heads,
        The laws of the universe is all a connected web.
            You don't know your full potential...

                           The Heart Diamond

    Another system of earth was based on Love and Cooperation-
    They weren't even eating; just looking at the sun for food.

                        Robotic Network

The Hidden Portal

"Teleporting photon particles today, but tomorrow, we'll be teleporting humans!"